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So you think you've got what it takes to get it up and fuck in front of a room full of party guests? Well great, because we're always looking for more couples, girls and guys! Every party our girls are always wishing they had more guys around to play with. So if you would like to join the fun, here are the following rules:

Be sure to read all of these rules before submitting this application!
  • Our parties are open to all couples and select singles. Our party rules for couples are similar to those of any swing club. You are not required to participate in any way and your comfort is our goal. We want to make sure you're having a good time and if you decide not to participate in the activities then that's cool by us! Couples are not required to be on film and we can be as discreet as you'd like us to be. The people you've seen in the photos & videos here have given us written permission to use those photos online. What you don't see is the dozens of other party guests that did not want to be caught on camera!

  • Single guys are selected based on the event and how many couples have responded. Obviously for events such as gangbangs we invite as many guys as possible. Priority for guys are given to those who can be on film & photos so we can update this site!

  • Each girl who attends and gets involved in the orgies has their own condom rules. Some require condoms, some require no condoms and some allow you to make the choice. Some of the girls require that guys have copies of recent HIV tests for bareback sex.

  • For those who can be on film, we always shoot faces. We don't like blurring or blocking faces and we don't like masks or other items to cover identity. On special occasions, like our annual Halloween Orgy or during Mardi Gras, we allow guys to wear masks because it's appropriate with the theme. Otherwise, your face will be on camera. The photos/videos will appear on this site. To make sure this is legal we require that everyone signs a model release and brings along two forms of ID.

  • We pick guys based on their personalities in their emails as well as on their appearence in their photos. We prefer guys who are more clean-cut looking. We are not looking for playgirl quality models, but we are looking for guys who are height/weight proportioned and who will look good fucking on camera. We do not base guys on how big their dick is.

  • We are looking for guys/couples who can either come to our location or are in a location that we are currently scheduled to appear in. Most of our parties are hosted in Phoenix, Las Vegas, L.A. and Lake Havasu, Arizona. If you are in China and do not plan to travel to us, then please don't apply to attend a party! We do travel to different locations of the U.S. every year and we post the schedule for these trips on the calendar page.

So, those were the rules. If you would still like to apply to participate, just enter the following form and submit it! You must also submit a photo with it. Please make sure it's a good quality photo, clean, clothed, face and body image.

You are a:
Interested in:
If you're interested in a specific event we're hosting, please let us know what event.
Please enter some information about yourself. If you are part of a couple or group, please include info about them as well. DO NOT USE YOUR ENTER KEY.

And now the important part, your photo! Send a clothed photo that clearly shows your face and body. We are not interested in your cock size. If all you have are nudes, that is fine as long as it clearly shows your face and body. We don't want photos of blocked out faces and we really DO NOT want photos of just a dick. Do not send photos that are so tiny you can't make out anything in the picture, and don't send a group photo unless you are easily seen and you described which one you were in the text area above. To send the image, just click on this BROWSE button and click on the picture on your computer. Then when you submit the image will be transfered to us. Be patient, depending on the size of your image, it might take a few seconds to send. Do not send anything more than 150K. If it's bigger than that it will be rejected by this script. We do not post any of these submitted images on the site.

Do not send an image of just your dick or our application will just be deleted.

Click the BROWSE button and pick your photo:

Yes, I can sign a model release and be on your site.
Yes, I can bring a copy of my HIV test.
Yes, I can travel to the party location.
Yes, I read all of the rules above.

Click SUBMIT once and be patient while your image uploads.