Bar Meet - After Hours Party Info

We do a lot of travelling to host our parties. And in a lot of cases it's easiest for us to set up a party in a bar rather than having everyone meet us right in a hotel room or other location. Some of the time the entire party is just meeting and greeting in the bar and having some drinks and getting to know locals & fans of the site. Other times things get a bit out of hand! And depending on the situation, bar, location, etc. things get pretty wild right there in the bar! Most of the bar meets are followed up with an after-hours party of some sort. These parties are generally where we invite the folks from the bar back to our house, a hotel, or some other location. What goes on at these after-hours parties is usually up to the guests. Sometimes we do bukkakes, sometimes full on orgies, or occasionally just hang out for more drinks. And then occasionally, if it's just one or two girls there, it turns into a mini gangbang! Our bar meets are held all over the country, so if you're interested in attending one, check our party calendar for upcoming events. If you're interested in some action at an after-hours event, fill out a party application! We'll see you at the bar and first round is on us!

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