Halloween 2003 in Havasu

Around 2001 we started hosting our Halloween Orgies. 2003 was probably our best year so far. It was non-stop action from the beginning to the end of the party. We had several webgirls there including Oasis, Allie, Sass and Haley. Allie, Sass and Haley don't even run their sites anymore, so these are some exclusive photos here that you won't see anywhere else! These events are always fun because we let guys wear masks (actually we require that everyone wear a costume.) Our Halloween parties are fast becoming our favorite event of the year. You don't want to miss these great events.

The first few photos here are just the party guests goofing off in the kitchen before the party really kicked in.

This next set is Oasis & Sass entertaining a couple of studs in the bedroom. They were in costume earlier but had taken them off to get on the bed...

Now the action started getting good. Couples were hooking up in different parts of the house and starting to have sex. And there's nothing funnier than watching an angel get fucked by a demon!

One of our male guests had come as a gynocologist and brought a speculum with him. So Haley just had to try it out! She climbed into our sex swing, which allows a good view, and he went to town with his instruments!

By this time, the girls were pretty worked up, so 4 of them jumped on the couch to give everyone a little lesbian show!

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