We had another great Halloween Orgy for 2005. Several girls showed up including Kinky Kacey, Topless April, of course, Oasis, and even a few other sluts. It was a bit unusual this year that some of the girls didn't want to be on film so a lot of action took place without the cameras rolling. But we did get some great action on film too. Unfortunately we had a bit of a digital camera mishap with one of the chips in the camera, so the action early on was lost. We also lost a lot of the "party" type hanging out photos. What we saved on the chip was just as things started getting really goofy!

We like to kick things off with our "Gory" hole. The girls enjoy being the glory hole sluts and the guys like to start by getting fluffed in a more private setting. Of course, all the rest of the party guests were watching and cheering! A few girls that we didn't expect to get involved jumped up and started blowing the guys in the glory hole too! This is usually just a warm up of the evening but the girls didn't stop until they'd drained every guy who got behind the screen!

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