As you guys undoubtably know by now, we've been hosting a costume party/orgy for Halloween for YEARS now! Its actually one of the only times people can come to our parties and be in pictures with the girls without having to show their faces (they can wear masks). So usually this is one of our biggest events of the year. And this year was no exception We had Oasis dressed as a punk rock girl, Kinky Kacey as a happy hooker, Alanna as a Bavarian beer wench, and Cathy as a school girl! We had a whole bunch of friends and fans of the site dressed in all manner of crazy attire! And, of course, it doesn't take long for everything to get crazy!

These are a few pre-party photos. This is Oasis trying to do her hair as a punk rock girl. She was having a hell of a time with it and even asking some of the other girls for help. She said at one point she was just going to shave it all off, but we begged her not to!

As usual, we put up the "gory" hole and as guests started to arrive we told the new guests to climb on in and let the girls get busy! We had a friend paint up the glory hole like it was a mauseleum - in keeping with the graveyard theme we were trying to create in the livingroom. It was really early in the party and no one had socialized or had any drinks yet, so not many guys wanted to get back there yet. One of the guests who hadn't donned his costume yet, took the opportunity to limber up his tongue, and Cathy gave Kacey & Oasis a tease by going into the mauseleum and poking King Dong through one of the holes.

More guests were arriving, including our friend Alanna, and we were all just goofing off in the livingroom. These pictures actually came off the camera of a friend of mine, and while its a good camera it doesn't have a very good flash, so the quality on these more candid shots (scattered throughout the next couple pages) isn't as good as the quality of the pics taken on our camera with our super flash (we kept the lights dimmed and a black light on throughout the night), but I liked them and thought you guys would enjoy seeing just some regular goofy party shots.

A little later in the party we were hanging out outside on the patio. We took several really good group shots of everyone in their costumes, including one where all the girls had their boobs out, but some of our regular friends were in those pictures without masks and would prefer to stay off the site so we didn't add them here. These are just a few with people we knew we could post online.

After a while the girls wanted to go back to the "gory" hole, and this time they managed to talk more of the party guests into climbing behind the curtain. The guys were changing out pretty regularly to let everyone get a turn with the girls sucking them.

Of course, since it was Oasis and Cathy at the glory hole, you know they won't be content to just suck cock. So Cathy stood up, turned around and pushed herself backwards on a guest, while Oasis just told her guy to cheat and stick out from under it! The orgy had begun!

Unfortunately, Alanna had to leave relatively early for a long drive home, so she said goodbye and took off. We didn't really get a lot of photos of her during the party, so here's so parting shots!

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