For Halloween this year a buddy of ours invited us up to Las Vegas to host our party at his house. We figured - VEGAS, SWEET - and thought we'd have a BUNCH of people show up. Unfortunately, though, everyone has parties in Vegas during Halloween, and with all the competition we didn't get as big a crowd as we'd hoped (even though everyone can wear masks at Halloween). We did have our resident slut, Oasis in town, though, along with our friend Kinky Kacey, and the girls got pretty wild with cock sucking and orgy sex. Kacey even went air-tight and got herself an anal creampie! Fewer guest, but it was definitely their loss!

Oasis and Kacey were pretty much just hanging out in the early part of the party waiting for people to show up. Apparently, nothing in Vegas actually starts on time, so at eight (ok, that might be early for Vegas too. We'll have to plan our next Vegas parties a little differently) the girls were just chillin' and waiting on the guests ...

And then we had a guest show up! The girls were so happy that someone showed up that almost as soon as he walked in the door they were stripping him from the waist down and shoving him behind the "Gory Hole"!

And then some more guests started showing up, so we were assured a party! The girls went back into the gaming center (dude, EVERY house should have a gaming center!) to socialize a bit ... and give a couple of lap dances :)

After a while lap-dances just weren't enough excitement for Oasis, and she went wandering looking for some trouble to get into. She found it out on the patio where a newly arrived guest was sitting out and smoking a cigarette. We're not even sure if she asked or if she just went to her knees and pulled his cock out! When Kacey saw what was going on, she came on back to get some of that too. And wouldn't you know it, after only a few shared strokes, Oasis got up to wander again, but at least Kacey gave this guy some decent attention!

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