This was the first House Party that Kacey attended and helped Co-Host. And it wasn't her last! In fact, we party with her quite a bit now. She even does some of our CamZ shows. Anyway, this was the first event where she came by to party with us. We had known her for years but never knew what a great little party slut she was until this Halloween Party. Right from the very beginning of the party she got into the action and we realized we were going to be in for a treat. Her and Oasis took turns with party guests and we had a few other girls attend who couldn't be on camera. So you just have to enjoy Kacey & Oasis in action from this party. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Again, Halloween is one of our favorite events because it's one of the few where we allow guys to wear masks. In fact, costumes are required for this event! Want to join in the next one???

The party started rolling almost as soon as the first guests arrived. We created a little glory hole area that we called the "Gory Hole" since it was in theme with our party. Guests would arrive and hop in the "Gory Hole" and Oasis & Kacey would take turns being the Gory Hole girl. Check out Oasis & Kacey helping one of the party guests to a cumshot in the Gory Hole!

The party moved on and a guest asked Kacey if he could return the favor from her sucking him in the Gory Hole earlier. She said sure and the guy went to town on her right on the couch in the living room with all the guests watching! Look closely and you'll see a mystery arm of another one of our female guests taking her turn as the Gory Hole girl!

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