During one of our stays in Virginia we hosted a party at a bar down the street from our house. Oasis attended wearing her SLUT shirt that says Free Blowjobs on the back. And we knew we were in for a good evening because when she wears that shirt...she means it! We met up with another webgirl, Allie, in the bar and before long her and Oasis were flashing and causing a scene. Another couple of girls got in on the act and things were getting out of control. Whenever a guy would ask Oasis about her shirt, she'd told them that if they came to our after hours party, she'd give them a blowjob! Another girl in the bar mentioned to us that one of her fantasies was to blow a bunch of strangers. We told her that she came to the right place! As you can see from the pics, the action in the bar got pretty crazy!

After a few hours of drinking we headed back to our place. We had a huge line of cars following us! As soon as we got in the door, Oasis & Allie stripped naked and immediately started sucking cock. Two of the guys that came from the bar stripped down and ran over to Oasis and before they could even get fully hard they were shooting the first load of the night all over her!

As you can see in those last couple of images, our "new" girl was a bit shy when she first got back to the house. As you can see in the first photo following this text the guys did manage to talk her out of her clothes. From there we didn't see her for a while. We think she was off talking with her boyfriend, but maybe she was entertaining guests in another room! The guys were unloading cum left and right, mostly on Oasis. Even in these beginning photos you can see that her face and tits are glistening with cum. We actually lost count of how many guys attended the after hours party and how many actually came all over Oasis.

Finally the guys talked our new girl into getting in on the action. Maybe her booze finally kicked in! She got on her knees and, of course, all the guys rushed over to get some of that action! Even more guys were dropping loads on Oasis...

Finally everyone was spent except one guy. Oasis was so tired that she laid back on the ground on her back and let the final guy jerk off on her face. You can see that her entire chest and face is crusted with dried cum!

After the final guy dropped his load everyone filtered out or stuck around and had a few more drinks with us. Another fantastic bar meet and after hours party and not a single guy went home unsatisfied!

- 82 -