Labor Day 2001 in Lake Havasu

Every Labor Day Weekend we host a 3 day long party in Lake Havasu. It's the last hooray of the year on the lake so it's always a good party! In 2001 we had several webgirls as well as many other couples show up. Paige from Orgy Couple attended (she's the hottie in the blue hair), Alice from Alice in Swingland and many others attended! We wpent time boating on the lake (some of those photos appear on our sister site, Real Sex in Public and then partied it up at Oasis' house Friday and Saturday night. We even had a band come by to entertain guests on Friday. It was a fantastic weekend and no one left unsatisfied!

FRI: Friday night was kind of an introduction to the weekend night where the girls were welcoming the new guys to the party. Of course, since it was a ROP party, they introduced the guys by giving them blowjobs as they arrived! Oasis and Alice took turns giving guys blowjobs and the other girls helped out as well.

After everyone arrived we had a band stop by to test out some new material while everyone partied. That's Paige and another girlfriend playing around back on the couch and they were soon joined by Oasis. Most of the Friday night partying is low key and sometimes we don't take many photos of the actions so that everyone can get comfortable with the situation. So this is all we got on Friday.

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