Copper Canyon was and is now again the hot-spot on Lake Havasu. It lost its crown to the Sandbar for a while but now that the Sandbar has been shut down on big weekends, the crowd has gone back to Copper Canyon. The Canyon lies just a few miles south of the island in Lake Havasu. It's a pretty quick trip and that makes it popular with the tourists. If you're looking for girls-gone-wild type action, this is definately the place to go. On big weekends you'll see everything from simple flashing to girls going down on other girls and getting fucked right on the boats! It's a huge party and about the only real law is don't drink and boat and stay out of fights. We are there every holiday weekend!


As usual we start our big Memorial Day Weekend is always a fun event for us. On the boat during the day and partying at our house all night. In 2004 the lake wasn't that crazy, so luckily the girls on our boat more than made up for it! Then when we got back to the house there was action everywhere! We were running around the house trying to figure out what was the best action to take photos of! Next year we're going to get more photographers for this event! :)

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