Mardi Gras 2003

We started out Mardi Gras 2003 at a party a friend hosted at her place. There were several other girls there but for the first part of the party pretty much everyone just took turns fucking Oasis while everyone else watched! Oasis didn't mind! Sorry that these images are misnumbered and out of order. When viewing them in this gallery they are in the proper order. But if you look at the numbers on the images they are out of order. Not quite sure how that happened!

The first guy busted a nut all inside Oasis' pussy and then pulled out and shot all over her stomach. She licked him clean and then he was raring to go again!

And the second guy shot his load all up inside her pussy too. She was getting full!

Third cumshot of the least this one was near her face!

And finally she sucked off the last two guys who blew all over her face!