Vegas Party with Shannon & Oasis

This party was co-sponsored by SlutDay. It was actually just a house party that they put together. We assisted by inviting a few people and bringing Oasis with us. It was held in a private home that they had rented for the Internext show in Vegas. We're not sure if there was supposed to be any sex at the party or how it actually got started. But at some point we noticed that Oasis and Shannon were off in the living room getting it on with three big black guys. The SlutDay guys were on the ball though and shot some great video and snapped these photos. Luckily they were kind enough to give us copies.

There were probably 30 people or so in the background watching the action. After the guys unloaded on the girls everyone applauded and the girls got up to take a bow! Check out the hot video below:

- 59 Pix / 32m11s Video -