Our Spring Break party this year was SUCH a blast!! Our house was full of partiers and we had more than 10 girls join our wet t-shirt contest. There was a really good mix of swinging couples and singles, friends from town and we even had a group of marines just home Iraq joining in the fun and revelry. The house was full, the beer was flowing and the girls were getting naked in a hurry :) After the wet t-shirt contest the action really got going with a 4-girl/4-guy orgy right in the livingroom with all the guests watching and cheering :) And the fucking kept going all night long - in the livingroom, outside, in the bedrooms - Oasis even walked in and interrupted one of the marines banging a girl against the bathroom sink! We just wish that everyone could have been in pics and we could show ALL the action!! But we're sure you'll recognize Oasis and a few of the girls who party with us regularly - Kinky Kacey, Alann the Nympho, Creampie Cathy and Topless April having a damn good time!

The crazy party action doesn't tend to start 'til late night around here, but these are a few photos from early in the evening as we were BBQ-ing and as guests were arriving. The party just happened to also fall on St. Patrick's day - thus the girls trying to get a little green in - from beads to pasties to panties. And the guys trying to get it off :)

The wet t-shirt contest started around 11. We were going to have it outside, but with so many girls in the contest (about 10) and so many rowdy, half-drunk guys (about 50) we were worried that our neighbors would call the cops so we set up a kiddie pool in the livingroom. Good thing too, 'cause even from inside the house I'll bet the cheering could be heard around the block! The contest went in three rounds - in this first round all the girls got a chance to strut their stuff in front of all the guys. Unfortunately, there were several girls we couldn't film, but here are the ones who aren't camera-shy! Check out those titties!

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