Our Spring Break party this year was SUCH a blast!! Our house was full of partiers and we had more than 10 girls join our wet t-shirt contest. There was a really good mix of swinging couples and singles, friends from town and we even had a group of marines just home Iraq joining in the fun and revelry. The house was full, the beer was flowing and the girls were getting naked in a hurry :) After the wet t-shirt contest the action really got going with a 4-girl/4-guy orgy right in the livingroom with all the guests watching and cheering :) And the fucking kept going all night long - in the livingroom, outside, in the bedrooms - Oasis even walked in and interrupted one of the marines banging a girl against the bathroom sink! We just wish that everyone could have been in pics and we could show ALL the action!! But we're sure you'll recognize Oasis and a few of the girls who party with us regularly - Kinky Kacey, Alann the Nympho, Creampie Cathy and Topless April having a damn good time!

Oasis is usually the instigator at these parties, and it was the case with this one too. She waited while the wet t-shirt kiddie pool and whatnot was cleared away, then she got a bunch of girls and guys together in the livingroom for an orgy. She ended up with exactly four girls and exactly four guys who were ready to play under our lights and cameras, and decided that she'd start with a round of "musical chairs" to break the ice. In this version, the guys sat in place, and after an interval of five minutes or so the girls would all switch places and get themselves a different guy!

After each girl got a taste of each guy, someone decided it was time for the girls and guys to switch places so that the girls got some oral lovin'. All the girls took their seats, and all the guys took turns servicing them :) Again, they got intervals of five minutes or so and then they all switched girls :)

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