Super Bowl 2002 in Dallas

This party was our first Super Bowl party in Dallas. We were en route from Havasu to New Orleans for Mardi Gras - it was an early Mardi Gras and a late Superbowl - and we were lucky enough to have a fan offer up his apartment in Dallas for the game. Several guys showed up, and we had our favorite slut decked out in a brand new cheerleader outfit. She was riding high because the Patriots had just won the Superbowl! Which means it was an excellent day all the way around! If you don't know how these parties work, basically we invite friends and fans over to watch the game while Oasis fetches munchies and beer dressed in her sexy cheerleader outfit. After each quarter whoever wins in the pool gets a 5 minute blowjob. Then after the game everyone fucks the cheerleader!

We got a late start so we didn't get the football pool started until after the first two quarters were already over. We also didn't do a half-time show. So the action picks up with the 3rd Quarter winner of the pool getting his BJ from the cheerleader.

Then our 4th Quarter winner got his winning BJ.

After the game, the guys got started by licking whipped cream off of the cheerleader's boobs and pussy. And then her licking the whipped cream off of their cocks. It didn't take long before they were all fucking the hell out of our cheerleader!

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