Super Bowl 2003 in Havasu

Super Bowl 2003 was held in Lake Havasu. We had a lot of friends come over for this one and we actually made an entire weekend of it. Even though we held off the big stuff until Sunday we actually had a bit of a party on Saturday as well. Then came game-time and our girl Oasis dressed up in her cheerleader outfit and came out to serve the guests! As you can see from the photos we had quite a few other women at the party, but they were only there to watch. We did manage to get one in on the half-time show though! We actually had several spectators for this Super Bowl, but thankfully once the game ended several of the guys got in on the action and they even plugged up Oasis air-tight! That's the first time she's ever had all three holes filled at the same time! Needless to say, she was loving life!

When out of town guests are invited to our events we let them arrive at whatever time is best for them. For this Super Bowl party we had several out of town guests arrive on Saturday. Two guys showed up Saturday afternoon. After hanging out a bit one of them asked Oasis if there was any way he could get a sneak preview of the action that would be taking place on Sunday. She stripped down and went to town on him while his buddy shot photos!

When he saw his buddy fucking Oasis in the ass he couldn't take it anymore! He handed me the camera and climbed in. They took turns banging Oasis in the ass until they filled her ass full of cum. Unfortunately I didn't get any cumshot photos because it was all in her ass!

Later that evening we had a BBQ for the other party guests that had arrived. While eating burgers and watching T.V., Oasis and the guest who arrived that afternoon decided that they wanted to go at it again! So they stripped down and fucked right there on the floor in front of everyone! While doing her from behind one of the guests placed her plate on Oasis' back to be funny, and the dude pulled out and shot his load all over her burger. AND OASIS ATE IT!

Finally it came to game-time and we filled out our football pool and watched the game. Oasis dressed in her little cheerleader outfit and fetched beer and munchies for the guests. After the first quarter Oasis gave her 5 minute BJ to the winner of the football pool.

Unfortunately for everyone, the same guy won the 2nd quarter too and got another BJ!

Oasis had been letting her bush grow out a bit and so she decided that for half-time she was going to shave. She even got one of the female guests to help shave her in front of everyone! And then they did a little bit of a toy show to get the guys worked up!

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