Super Bowl 2004 in Havasu

Super Bowl 2004 was also held in Lake Havasu. We actually had more girls than guys show up for this one and let me tell you, all the guys were happy they showed up for it! The party started off like every other event...Oasis dressed up in her cheerleader outfit and fetched beers and munchies during the game. After each quarter someone won the football pool and Oasis gave a 5 minute blowjob to the winner. Actually some of the guests chose to give Oasis oral this year instead of the other way around! Usually we have a big half-time show but this year some of our guests were arriving around that time, so we put the party on hold until all the new guests got settled in. Then we went back to the action! Even though we had several girls here, Oasis took the majority of the cumshots. I think it's because you can tell she loves the cum!

The first quarter football pool winner chose to give Oasis oral rather than receive his five minute blowjob. That gave her something to cheer about!

The second quarter (half-time) winner put things back on track though, he asked for a blowjob while watching the "lingerie bowl" at the same time! :)

Right about this time we got a group of new guests arriving to the party and we decided to put the party on hold while we greeted our new guests. It was several girls from Tucson and everyone was excited to see them. The girls shot some posing photos together and then got comfy in the living room to watch the rest of the end of the game.

Oasis did a few cheers because her team won the superbowl. After she calmed down, we got right on into the action! The guys and girls took turns getting Oasis all warmed up and ready to get gangbanged.

Finally after a lot of oral, one of the guests finally got up inside Oasis and gave her a banging while the rest of the crowd kinda watched. Then the rest of the guys took turns fucking Oasis.

It didn't take too long though before the rest of the girls were wanting a piece of the action. They started stripping down while the guys were still fucking Oasis and the first guy shot his load on Oasis! As you can see, it just got crazy from here with people fucking all over the living room, changing partners, cumming, changing partners...

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