Super Bowl 2005 in Dallas

Super Bowl 2006 was held in Dallas. It was our second Super Bowl party we hosted in Dallas and thankfully we had another girl show up to make it a small orgy instead of just a gangbang on Oasis. We had been at Mardi Gras with Oasis, SlutDay and others and decided it would be best to host the annual Super Bowl party in Dallas. We also had someone offer up their home to host the party in, so we weren't in a hotel room for this one! Unfortunately, it was still pretty small and when the action got started it was really tough to film all the good angles. But, as you'll see, it was a great little orgy and the guys all had a great time. And our new friend, Lili, was quite the little slut and is an instant friend! We hope to party more with her in the future!

After leaving Mardi Gras and saying good-bye to New Orleans, we started our trip back home to Havasu, with a stop in Dallas for our annual Superbowl Slutday Gangbang! This was our 7th annual Superbowl Event, and this year we had a fan of the site offer up his house for our party. And it kicked ass! We had a special Media Room to watch the game, and a nice big bed to play on afterwards. And the best part about it - we were joined by another hot slut, Lili! This girl was crazy - and quite the instigator! With Lili around, we almost had trouble sticking to the format - oral during the game and gangbang afterwards. She just wanted to bang, bang, bang! Yeah - check out these pics and I'm sure you'll love this girl just as much as we do!

Traditionally, for our Annual Superbowl Slutday Gangbang, we watch the game and have a quarterly pool where the person with the winning score box at the end of every quarter gets a blow job from the slut! This year things were a little bit disorganized ... in part because our camera ran out of film and we had to run out in the middle of the game and pick up some more DV tapes so we could continue getting video, and also because the winner of the pool for the first three quarters was all the same person - Lili! And Lili, being the generous girl that she is, didn't want all the attention for herself, she wanted to share it with everyone So just a little one-on-one oral during the game pretty much became an oral free-for-all, with Lili and Oasis licking each other, the guys, and the guys licking them.

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