Super Bowl Party Info

Each year we host a big party on Super Bowl Sunday. It started back in '98 as a small event where I invited over a bunch of buddies to watch the game. Oasis attended dressed in just a jersey with nothing on underneath and served my guests beer and munchies for the game. A buddy suggested that we do a pool and Oasis suggested that whoever wins each quarter gets a 5 minute blowjob! After the game Oasis hopped on a table in the living room and started to give everyone a dildo show. One thing led to another and all my buddies wound up fucking Oasis. From that first event things have changed a little. Now, not only do we invite over some buddies, but we also invite you, then fans along for the party. And Oasis' outfit has evolved from a jersey to a cheerleader outfit. She still fetches beers and munchies during the game and she still gives 5 minute blowjobs to the winner of each quarter. For half-time, either Oasis does a dildo show or if other girls are present we do a girl-girl show for all the guests. And after the game everyone still fucks the shit out of Oasis! These events are her favorite events of the year and she can't wait to service everyone. These parties tend to be more gangbangs of Oasis than orgies, but occasionaly we get other girls to attend and one year we even had more girls than guys. To get the date of the next Super Bowl Party, just check the date for Super Bowl Sunday!

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