We struggled with where on the site we should post this party. To be honest, it was during an Internext Convention in Vegas. But it wasn't really a scheduled party at all. In fact, it wasn't even really a bar meet. What it was is that we had posted online that between two larger parties we were going to be relaxing at a certain casino bar for drinks. And we told anyone that wanted to meet up with Oasis and Cathy should join us and hang out for a couple of hours. It was supposed to be nothing more than just a few drinks and a meet & greet. However, once you get a few drinks in Oasis she turns into insta-slut and it didn't take long before her and Cathy were already trying to out-slut each other. Oasis claimed she would take one of the guys up to her room and blow him...Cathy countered by saying she'd take a guy up to fuck...Oasis countered by saying she'd fuck two guys, etc. So by the end of the bar meet the girls had invited everyone back up to a hotel room for more fun. Several guys came up, and three of them started on the bed with the girls...but once the action really got started, only two of the guys had it in them to get it on in front of everyone. One of the guests grabbed a camera and helped me shoot photos. The other few guys scurried around to stay out of the photos the whole time. So these lucky two guys took turns fucking Oasis & Cathy in our little impromptu hotel party. We're also not sure what happened to the first images that we took from the bar. We think that we didn't expect to ever use them so they got lost somewhere in the transfer. But here are the important ones!

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