Vegas Party w/Jaime

After the fantastic Porn on the 4th of July event, Jaime contacted us and said she had such a good time she wanted us to put together another party that she could attend. We suggested we host a party in Vegas! It had been a while since we had been up that way. We hung out at a PT's Pub for a couple of hours or so and all the party guests gathered there. There were 20 of you guys who showed up at the bar to come party with us. After several drinks we all took off for the hotel suite we'd rented for the party. It looked like we were going to have a great party and then nature struck. We had a power outage just as everyone was getting into it! The girls played around with the guys while the power was off but it was PITCH BLACK. No one had any light at all and so several of the guys left. The power came back on around 45 minutes later and the party got started! There isn't much to narrate past this point, basically the guys got naked, the girls got naked and everyone fucked for like 4 hours straight.