Our 10th Annual Halloween Costume Orgy is scheduled for Saturday, October 30th at our home in Lake Havasu, AZ. This is always one of our best parties of the year, so you don't want to miss this one! It is one of the two events we host a year where we allow guys to wear masks on film to hide their identity! The party is open to all couples and select single males. The single male slots are given priority to those who can be on film with Oasis and can bring a copy of a recent HIV test.

Couples: As per any swingers house party, you are not required to get involved in anything. You are welcome to hang out, have drinks, mingle with the crowd and/or get as involved in any sexual activity you want with other guests. We will be filming Oasis and some guests who have agreed to be on camera, but you will not be caught on film unless you wish to be.

Singles: There are only a certain amount of single males invited to the party. The number we invite depends on the number of couples we have who have RSVP'd for the party. Slots for singles are given priority to those guys who can be on film with Oasis and who can provide a recent (within 30 day) HIV test. Oasis will not be using condoms for this event. Single guys may engage in other activities with other guests ONLY IF INVITED. Do not assume that you can just pop in and join without asking. There may be other webgirls here who will also be interested in filming, and if you're interested, you should approach those other webgirls and ask them if they are interested. NO MEANS NO. If any single males create a problem or make any other guests uncomfortable, they will be asked to leave.

If you are a couple interested in attending, but not shooting with Oasis, please just pop an email to Oasis or Party Hosts and let us know and we'll get you more details and directions. If you are a couple who is interested in being on film with Oasis or if you're a single who is interested in being in film with Oasis, please refer to her VIDEO APPLICATION.

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