Since 1998 we've hit the IA2000/InterNext convention every year. Back in '98 it was called the IA2000 convention. It's since been renamed to the Internext Expo. It's held twice a year, one in Vegas and the other in Miami. We usually miss the Miami show since we're so much closer to Vegas and always go to it. The only main sponsored event we attend is the Girls of the Internet party that is usually held at Olympic Garden and is attended by dozens of hot web girls. We, of course, host our own parties as well and they are well attended by websluts and fans alike. And, of course, you're invited! If you'd like to join the girls in Vegas this year, just pop over to Oasis' Party Application and let us know!

The following are photos from our previous InterNext and IA2000 trips:

In 2005 we decided to take a year off and enjoy the show ourselves rather than feel like we had to host things and go everywhere with our cameras. So, we went to the other parties and had a great time. I'm sure you'll see some of our favorite girls on other sites from 2005 (including their own), but we don't have any. We did spend a lot of time banging Oasis and our other favorite girls though!

Want to join us in 2009? We'll be there on the 10th-12th of January. Want to join one of our orgy parties, or pop by to bang the shit out of Oasis? We'll be bringing her with and you know she'll take any cock she can get! We also hope to be bringing Kacey with us, and we're pretty sure Alanna will also be attending the convention. As of right now we have no scheduled orgy parties, but are not opposed to bring along Oasis for something you are hosting. Just let us know if you'd like to attend any of our shoots or have us attend something you're hosting. Pop over to Oasis' Party Application to sign up! Who knows, maybe you'll be seeing your photo in this spot for 2009!