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Lake Havasu City, AZ.   Sept 3-6

Every Labor Day we celebrate with a huge, sex filled, slut weekend. This year we'll be hosting an all day pool party on Saturday, Sept 4th starting at 3pm with our favorite slut, Oasis, and her friends. This party is open to all couples and select single males. Single males get priority to the slots if they are able to be on camera with Oasis and/or the other webgirls at the party. Couples are never required to be filmed and are able to treat the party as they would any other swinger house party. All swinger rules apply.

The rest of this page explains the party in a bit more detail and shows off some video/photos from previous Labor Day parties we've hosted. Couples wanting an invite should email Oasis directly. Single males wanting an invite should read on and follow the link to the Oasis' Video Participation Form.

A note about our terminology: When we use the term "slut" we mean that in the absolute best of words. We love women who know how to enjoy themselves and could care less what others think. Our own Oasis refers to herself as a slut, and we've adopted that term for all women we love and who love to fuck. So by no means are we trying to be disrespectful by using the term, slut.

Want a taste of some Labor Day Party action? Just start the video below and enjoy just a minute of the action you can expect by attending one of our Labor Day parties. Scroll down past the video to see more information.

Friday is our meet & greet day. Some guests stay with us all weekend and several of them show up on Friday night. We don't have any pre-plans for Friday nights, so we never really know what happens until it happens. We've done everything from being as tame as playing poker or just having a few drinks, to playing games like having Oasis guess the cock while being blindfolded, to being as crazy as gangbanging Oasis or putting her in a glory hole and having her blow all the guests! Just check out some of these previous Labor Day pics from Friday night.

Our afternoon pool party went so well in 2009, we're doing it again in 2010! We're hosting an afternoon pool party as well as our evening party. Basically, we're just extending the party to be all day long! In the past we've used Saturday afternoon as our boating day, but this year we just want to relax by the pool and BBQ all day. Those who want to come early, are welcome to hang by the pool from about 3pm. We will BBQ all day, have some drinks, and play in, around, and out of the pool! Bring lots of booze because this is going to be a fun afternoon!

Saturday night is our main party. This is always a huge party that is open to all couples and select single males (obvious all single females are always welcome!) Priority to single males goes to those who can be on film having sex with Oasis and/or the other sluts during the party. This is not for the shy! Even though our parties are extremely casual and fun, if you don't think you can get it up in front of a crowd of people, this isn't the thing for you! Couples are not required in any way to be on film, participate in any of the sex, or basically do anything they are not comfortable doing. Couples treat our parties like any other swinger event. You're welcome to get involved or not get involved in anything you desire. If you'd like more information about our Saturday night party, just pop us an email. Check out the pics below from some of our previous Labor Day pics on Saturday afternoon on the lake, and the party in the evening.

Sunday we hope to be taking the boat out to party on the lake. We gather up and board the boat around 11am and head out for another afternoon of Girls Gone Wild action on the lake! The lake is usually just as crazy on Sunday as it is on Saturday, so it's always a good time!

When we get off the lake, we BBQ and hang out by the pool. We do not have a big party scheduled on Sunday night like we do on Saturday, but we still like to have a good time. Guests who stay on Sunday night usually do smaller photo shoots with Oasis or the other sluts. It's still a party type atmosphere, just not as big as our Saturday party.

Monday is our wind-down day. It usually depends on what everyone wants to do as far as whether we go back on the lake and where we go. If we do go out on the boat we often just go to a more private cove or up to the sandbar and relax or do more private photo shoots.

Sometimes we just stay home and relax by the pool, BBQ, hang out with the remaining guests, or even do some more personal photo shoots with guests. It's rare that we do any bigger parties on Monday evening.

The following are some of our favorite sluts that we know will be attending our Labor Day event this year. If you can click their names it means they're a webgirl and that's a link to their website.


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