Every March we celebrate Spring Break on the weekend that the AZ and CA schools are on vacation. They always come out to Lake Havasu and the entire lake is a zoo of hot college girls getting drunk and losting articles of clothing! There's no way we can pass that up! The event dates change from year to year, but it's usually in mid-to-late March. This year we're partying it up on the weekend of March 20 and 21. Both AZ schools will be out and there will be much madness going on on our lake!


There are several parts to this party and you do not have to attend all of them to attend other partes of them. People, PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY. You do NOT have to join us on the boat on the lake to attend our house party and as usual there is NO cover charge for the house party.

During the afternoon we will be teaming up with Girls of Havasu and our sister site, Real Sex in Public to get a pontoon boat to take us out on the lake. They always know the best spots to party and we will be hanging with them all afternoon. We do have slots on the boat for people who would like to help cover the costs of the boat rental. The spots on the boat are $100 per person and are good for the 20th and 21st. The boat will be launching around 11am and coming back to shore around 6pm (so people wanting to attend the BBQ and house party will be back in plenty of time!) The $100 only covers your spot on the boat. It does not cover any beer or munchies or anything sexual with any of the girls who may be going. It only gets you a spot on a boat!
Note: This boat rental has NOTHING to do with the party later that evening. The house party has no cover charge. You do not have to be on the boat to attend the house party!
When we arrive back to town from the lake we will be heading back to Oasis' house for a party. Even that is broken into several stages and people are more than welcome to join in during any part of the party.

Depending on the weather, the pool may or may not be warm enough to actually play around in. But either way, we always host a BBQ when we get off the lake. Occasionally there are already guests at our house playing in the pool before we get there. The official BBQ time is 7pm and we tell everyone interested in the boat and/or house party that they are more than welcome to attend the BBQ. The catch? You have to bring your own food! We can't afford to feed you people, so bring some burgers, steaks, whatever it is that you want to add to the grill. This especially goes for those of you who are camping out in our house all weekend. You MUST bring your own food and beverages!
Note: As you can see in this photo...the girls are usually very appreciative to whoever mans up and does the grilling. Usually we're busy doing pre-party prepping and other things so it's always nice for someone to step up and take over as the grill chef. And who knows...your meat might get serviced!

This is one of the best party moments of the year because not only do we get our regular web girls jumping in and strutting their slutty stuff in the wet t-shirt contest. But we also manage to somehow pull in locals, wives and girlfriends into this contest (most of which have never even been in a wet t-shirt contest before.) In fact...our last two winners are girls who had never imagined themselves ever doing such a thing and both were worried that they didn't have the boobs to pull it off. Well they were so much fun to watch that everyone couldn't help but vote for them! Our contest usually goes off around 11pm (after everyone has had a lot to drink and is ready to party it up.) We may even hold off until midnight this year.
Note: You can see Oasis in this pic, and Topless April to the far left. But those other girls (including the one dousing them with water) were all locals who had never been in any type of wet t-shirt contest!

For those couples/singles interested, pretty much during the entire party we will have rooms available for play between consenting, swinger couples and webgirls and fans. Oasis will be picking males right out of the crowd to fuck in front of everyone and other couples are allowed to get as involved as they feel comfortable. Single males that attend the party MUST fuck Oasis at some point during the party. How's that for a sure thing?! Other webgirls have their own sex policies but in many cases if you're cleared by Oasis then the other webgirls will want to shoot with you as well. Single guys wanting to attend MUST go read and fill out her Video Participation Form from her website and email that to her. She will then get back to you with details!
Note: That's Kacey, Alanna and Oasis taking on ALL party guests during a previous Spring Break party (this was right after the wet t-shirt contest happened!)
  • Boat Outing
  • The boat slots are extremely limited. Priority for slots goes to couples. They are $100 per slot and can be attained by emailing Oasis below. There is an order form at the bottom of this page, but it is NOT to be used without first getting the OK from Oasis that you can have that slot. Webgirls and couples please email early for slots.

  • House Party
  • The house party is open to all couples and select singles. Swinger couples are welcome to attend and may get info simply by emailing us or Oasis and telling us a little bit about yourself and asking for the details. Couples may get as involved as they feel comfortable and treat the party as they would any other swinger-lifestyle party. If you are part of a couple and know that you'd like to fuck Oasis on film during the party, then you should follow the link for the single guy invites just to be safe.

    Singles are invited on a limited basis and priority goes to those who can fuck Oasis on film in front of all the party guests. For singles to be invited to the party you MUST follow this link to Oasis' Video Participation Form and follow the instructions on that page. Please be sure to inform her that you are interested in her Spring Break party. If you are a single male and you do get an invite to this party, you MUST fuck Oasis at some point during the party. If you are too shy to approach her about it during the party, come see one of us (one of the camera guys) and we'll make sure you get in there!

    Do not use the following form to reserve a boat slot unless you've confirmed with us first!!!
    # of Slots ($100 Slots for March 20/21):